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Nāgārjuna's Treatise on the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds

(English-Only Edition)


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Nāgārjuna's Treatise on the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds

English-Only Edition


The Daśabhūmika Vibhāṣā

By Ārya Nāgārjuna (ca 2nd c.)

"Nāgārjuna’s Treatise on the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds" is Bhikshu Dharmamitra’s extensively annotated original translation of Ārya Nāgārjuna’s "Daśabhūmika Vibhāṣā" rendered from Tripiṭaka Master Kumārajīva’s circa 410 ce Sanskrit-to-Chinese translation. It consists of 35 chapters that explain the cultivation of the ten highest levels of bodhisattva practice leading to buddhahood, focusing almost exclusively on the first two of the ten bodhisattva grounds, "the Ground of Joyfulness" and "the Ground of Stainlessness." This is a work which has never been translated into English before.

This edition of the English translation includes: List of Abbreviations; General Table of Contents; Directory to Chapter Subsections (19-page, outlined); Endnotes (600+); Glossary; and Bibliography.


"What a rare and precious treasure a clear, readable, and accurate translation of Nāgārjuna's Treatise on the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds is! This treatise is found only in the Chinese canon, making its English translation especially precious for both Asian and Western Buddhists, since English is the common language at international Buddhist conferences and gatherings. Nāgārjuna addresses our innermost spiritual yearnings for truth and freedom and shows us the path to actualize them. The Treatise on the Ten Grounds explains how to generate bodhicitta-the aspiration for full awakening in order to benefit living beings most effectively-and how to practice its ten foremost qualities by emphasizing the first two-generosity and ethical conduct. He explains how to have a truly generous and compassionate heart toward others and how to express that in our lives through living a life free from harm and violence. In today's world learning how to restrain our negative impulses and live ethically is needed more than ever. Ethical conduct is our personal contribution to world peace, for the actions of even one individual can adversely or positively influence the lives of everyone on the planet. So many social issues of our day-poverty, oppression, war, and climate change to name a few-can be reversed by generosity and ethical conduct. Nāgārjuna's teachings are as important for the citizens of the planet now as they were for Buddhists centuries ago." -- Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron.


This is the "English-Only" edition. For the "Bilingual Chinese-English Edition," Click Here.

746 pages, paper, 6" x 9"

ISBN: 9781935413165


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